Thursday, July 10, 2008

Run Forest Run

It is unreal what exercise and excitement brings to the diabetes table. This past week we have had the pleasure of having my little sisters kids stay with us. Emma has been beside herself! And so has her lower BS's. This is a really humble reminder on how much excercise means to a diabetics life. Makes me think of the first days of her DX when our Diabetes educator (who was featured on my last post standing with Denise at the walk) who is Type 1 as well. She is in incredible shape. She trains as if her life depends on it. Well you know it actually does depend on it!

She mentioned that often she does not have to take insulin during the day due to her working out running, playing soccer or whatever the case may be. So who better to have diabetes other than Emma. I am convinced at times she forgets how to walk because all she does is run as if she was Forest Gump!

I really wonder this all of the time about people with diabetes and parents with children with diabetes on how much exercise affects their lives. I wish i could have all of you in a room at one time and have the floor to ask these questions and hear your responses.

With saying that i would love to hear what you all have to say about this.

And remember to ask me about the Mentor ship program next time OK? I would love to tell you all about it!


Shannon said...

OMFG...thanks for making me gag on my coffee with that picture. LMFAO!!!! Why do the gnarliest looking people LOVE to be nekkid in front of the general public???

I just wrote a post last night about Brendon's baseball game and how when I tested him in the middle of it, he was 116. And then I tested again after he ate his hot dog and right before he went to bed (which was close to 11 p.m.) he was at 161. I gave him a juice because I was afraid the exercise would still affect him and thought the juice would hold him overnight.

He woke, tested this morning at around 8 a.m. and was 51. Which was unsettling considering what would've happened if he hadn't had a juice at all!!!!!

So exercise has enormous effect even long after they've stopped running around.

Which is why I don't stop him from running, swimming, playing baseball, riding his bike, wrestling with his buddies, etc. etc. etc.

Penny said...


I think just like anything else with diabetes it's all very individualized.

Some people's sugar actually goes up with exercise (like Adam Morrison who takes insulin during basketball games to bring his sugar down).

For Riley I've learned that while he's actually running around he's usually OK. But, a few hours later he may start to go low. I find that if he's had a particularly active day then I have to decrease his pump basal during the night because he's much more likely to go low.

Chris said...

Yes we have found in the past that excercise could raise her bloodsugars but only when she is stressed and playing. As this summer when she was on a soccer team it was so weird, we thought she would go so low because of all the running around. But i guess what we did not factor in was the social stress and the thought she put into that activity.
What a f'd up disease eh!

..M.. said...

WOAH... what a picture!

Exercise can be frustrating - I never quite seem to guess how it will affect me, but I still love it. It feels good and without a doubt drops those blood sugars. It's the days when I can have lunch without insulin that are my favourite! It's like taking a break from diabetes :)

Jamie said...

Exercise is a HUGE factor ... it's crazy ... we went on holidays and I had to really decrease Danielle's insulin intake because she was on the run the entire time - then we got home and I had to up it again.

I find with her though, that it hits her hours after the fact ... even when she was in swimming from Sept - June ... the sugars would drop approx 4 hrs after the activity, not during or not immediately after. So excessive exercise for her in the evening means no sleep for me that night as I'm up testing her to make sure she doesn't go low.

That is one crazy photo you got up there dude!!!

Carey said...

Nice photo. What place did you come in?

Thanks for the comments over at the blog. Glad you liked the video.

If it's something Charlie is really anxious to do, his blood sugar spikes very high prior to activity from the excitement. During the activity, it's pretty level. Hours later he comes crashing down.

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