Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Little Ballerina...?

These poses were suggessted by none other than Emma herself. I think we should be going to a contemporary dance studio instead.


Shannon said...

She's such a cute little goofball....I LOVE it.

Naomi said...

Perhaps she will have a career in modern dance? :-)

Jamie said...

LOL - maybe it's part of one of their new routines their learning ?? (hee hee) Hey, you never know .... you may see the next prima ballerina of the RWB jump up on stage and grab her cheeks in the middle of swan lake and make a funny face ... ??

She's too cute.

Tell Chris II that it's time to come out. The rest of us are ready to meet "him" ;-) Hope Denise is hanging in there ok!

Thinking of you guys :)

Jamie said...

Argh! Now watch this post twice ...

Their = they're

I really DO know my grammar ... honest!