Friday, October 12, 2007

Show You Care

We often get emails from our local JDRF chapter on upcoming fundraising events and programs. I read every detail. Think through my head quickly of who would be able to come and participate. I think of who it would be cool to hang out with for that evening, get babysitters, and go have some fun while supporting our cause.
But then **POOF**! Gone. All but a mere lucid memory. A situation that never develops. Never even gets to the first phone call.
This may sound weird but asking for people to support the JDRF has become an awkward stance for myself. I don't know if the problem lies in who i rely on support for. Or the problem is en stowed within me asking my peeps for money. When in fact i probably owe many of them a dime here or there. I just cant shake it baby!
So this has to stop. It will stop. I am not asking for cash so i can go out for sushi, or purchase a playboy. (HUH?) I haven't purchased a playboy since i have turned legal age to do so. Now that's just weird. Denise has purchased a few for me in the past. But that is irrelevant. And WAAY off topic. (for now).
This weekend is Rocking for the Cure. It is being put on by a Father and Mother of Kaylee who is 9 and has had type 1 for 3 years now.
Not only have i called a few of my peeps (if i say peeps it makes me sound REALLY cool and hip). I am in the process of getting a football signed by none other than our Grey Cup bound Winnipeg Blue Bombers! Totally smack! (am i cool on this Friday or what?)
This is just the beginning. I swear on it.
I have a few ideas that are manifesting themselves, and have been for quite some time.
I want to make a difference. The difference starts now!
Have an awesome weekend everyone. Sorry i have to start moderating comments now for a while but, I'm cool with that.
By the way, there are a many blogs that i have read on here that their numbers in terms of fundraising have absolutely astounded me.
Way to go all.
Way to do your part.
Way to show you care.


Jamie said...

VERY cool about the football :) We don't get emails about fundraisers coming up ... how do you sign up for that?? I've always wanted to go to the Starry Night Gala in the spring - you know, tux and gown thing, do it once - be hicks, totally out of our element, have a few laughs and such. Some day.

Anyhow - have fun at the concert you guys!

Chris said...

Jamie: Yes totally cool on the football. May as well use the conexions that i have while i have them.
I think you can just call the JDRF and ask to get on the mailing list.
The Starry Night is something we will be doing. That could be something we can plan for in the near future.
We will have fun at the concert, i play hockey the next day so i will contain myself to acting like a fool and not a foolish nob.