Friday, October 19, 2007

Give me something else to remember

I remeber weeks before Emma was DX'd i would cuddle her and smell her breath and thought it smelled so awesome. So sweet and delicious.

I remember getting all geared up to go the park and play for a good hour then walk home with her in my arms and her heavy head on my shoulder. So cuddly and comfy.

I remember seeing her drink her chocolate milk like it was the only drink left on earth and thinking how cute and adorable it was that when finished she couldnt even catch her breath enough to ask for more but just hold up her glass and i would refill it.

I rembember 22 month old Emma being totally potty trained and thinking it was great she ALWAYS was sitting on the potty. So smart.

I wish i did not have to remember these things.


Christine-Megan said...

*sigh* I don't know what to say. ((hugs))

in search of balance said...

((hugs)) to you both.

Shannon said...

Soon before Brendon was diagnosed:

I remember Brendon starting up naps again (after having stopped about a year earlier) and sleeping for 3 hours and thinking what a break I was getting.

And I remember being proud of how much water he'd drink as though it were as sweet as juice.

I wish I didn't have to remember those things either.

Penny said...


I'm right there with you. Just last night my husband picked up a picture of Riley that was on the mantle, taken when he was 1. And, he said, "Look, he had blonde hair then." As I was walking by I said, "And, he didn't have diabetes either."

I don't like to remember back before diagnosis. It makes me feel guilty for not knowing what was going on.