Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DeeTour...sort of

I can hardly wait until summer is in full swing so i can go to the beach and show off my ab. It is sexy. I will even pour oil on it so everyone can benefit from its presence.

Isnt it funny how we use any circumstance to rationalise not doing something or doing something the way we do it. I know how much better i manage my life when i look after myself. That is a no brainer my friends.

The day of Emma's dx (September 29, 2006) about 2 hours before i got "THE CALL" (play du du du here) i went to the gym at noon as i always did for years. Got changed ran up the stairs into the free weight area. Strutted (yes i strutted back then, Denise likes when i strut my stuff, usually putting my genitalia between my legs making as if i am a lady for the time being) to the flat bench threw on one plate a side (plate =45 lbs), ripped out 15 easy warm up reps. Banged the bar down on the brackets. Sprung up switched my MP3 player to megadeath - symphony of destruction (YOU TAKE A MORTAL MAN...AND YOU PUT HIM IN CONTROL...) threw on two one more plate a side (45 * 4 + 45 (bar) = 225 pounds layed down deep breath pumping out 8 clean reps.

Now where the hell did that go? Oh yea Emma has diabetes so that is the reason i cannot bench 225 anymore. I have to come home and make sure she is alive. AS IF!!!! What a dufus.

Don't you think if i was training through this whole ordeal i would be more set up to learn more and more patient with how i deal with it? Man did i ever take the easy way out.

There its in writing.

I will cure myself of this tail between my legs thinking. And i bet you dollars to doughnuts my sales increase too when i recover from "rationalitis". I am accepting pledges, and other forms of donations in quest to get my 225 chest and my 120 arm curls back. HMPH. me man roar.

I was inspired by two ladies carving their names in a tree. You need inspiration from somewhere. And gosh darn it i found it. My handy old bellybutton lint catcher will be a thing of the past.


Shannon said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this? LOL.

Denise makes you tuck it in to look like a lady? LMFAO.

You should post before and after pictures. (before and after you start working out......not before and after the tuck it in to look like a lady thing).

All kidding aside.....good luck with your new workout endeavor. May you be buff in no time!

Chris said...

Shannon i wish i can say i was pissed out of my gord. But i was clean and sober just drunk on stress, life and belly button lint.

Funny thing with the "tuck" there is a pic out there of me doing that and i am wearing denises bra to boot.

Ill find it and post it.....NOT!

Penny said...


We parents of kids with D have to be careful not to use diabetes as a reason to do or not to do something. We wouldn't want our children doing that. I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

Good luck to you as you try to get back into a workout routine.

Megan said...

I still find it somewhat...amusing?...I guess that's the right word, that Emma and I have the same dx date- 1 year apart. I know you have commenting something to that effect on my blog too.

Good luck with the work out, and the strutting, and all that jazz.

Jamie said...

Hmmm, Shannon and I think alike it scares the shit out me sometimes ... I figured a few brewski's were ingested before the writing of this post as well LOL LOL. But then again - I've met this guy and, yeah, no beer needed for the fried conversation.

I don't even want to touch the "tucking in" portion of the post - brings back images from Silence of the Lambs and my own husband doing it. Is that a man thing to freak their wives out? Cause I think I put the pillow over my head and yelled at him to "put it back" or something of the sort ....

I wish you all the best with getting into the swing of things at the gym (ha! no pun intended). I'm sure Denise will appreciate the appearance of the six pack once again vs the one pack :D You'll be sprinting that JDRF walk my man - SPRINTING! :D

Take care!

Major Bedhead said...

Dood, you let your wife take a picture of you in her bra?? With your junk tucked between your legs? Holy shit, you're one brave (or insane, depending on how you look at it) guy.

Shannon said...

Jamie....your husband tucks it back too??!! It must be a Canadian thing.

I thought about Silence of the Lambs too.

Jamie said...

Ohhh, he only did it once (it's not a regular event around here LMAO) ... I believe it was after seeing the silence of the lambs (he did it to freak me out). I dunno though - could be a canadian thing LOL - Julia - has TCBYM tried this?? LOL LOL. Or maybe it's just a MB boy thing ... y'all are warped! Needless to say, I doubt he would have let me snap a photo of that LMAO. I hope Emma doesn't come across that photo someday or you're gonna have some explainin' to do!! LMAO!

Char said...

"Tail between your legs", Chris? I don't think that classifies as a "tail" when it's on the front of your body. Unless, of course, that's what you and Denise want to call it...

OMG..the stuff you post on here...he's not insane, people. Just very... liberated...? I think..

Shannon said...


The scary part is that people, like us, read it....and think it's funny. Yikes.

Char said...'re right....that is the really scary, and sometimes, sad part! LOL!!!!

Major Bedhead said...

Jamie - uh, no, TCBIM has never done that. Maybe it's a western Canada thing. ;)