Sunday, November 26, 2006

Emma's Perfect Day

Other than figuring out Emma's NPH vs. Lantus battle. Diabetes was a non factor today. It was nice. We still talked about it and Incorporated it into our daily routine. But in a way we never thought we could in the beginning. It was just a part of our life and we are feeling amazingly empowered by where we are and where we have been. And by our friends on here and friends out here.

What a great day!
Me and Mommy Played all morning while daddy caught up on his sports and sleep.
Then we went to the mall.

Shopping is fun. Especially on Momma's birthday.

I ran. I ran so much today Daddy could barely get a good picture of me.

Then we drove in inclimate weather to my friend Sasha's house for supper.
We played of course. I showed him that i can share toys. Even when they are his i pretended they were mine to share.

Then after an awesome Austrian rustic supper we chilled out on the couch and talked about playing again sometime really soon.


Deanna said... not in politics, in fact I tend to stick my foot in my mouth way too often. I just read Kerri's comment about Norm....I laughed! Looking at the pictures on this post made me think about how tough it must be for you guys to regulate Emma's blood sugars. I know how much kids run and play, and I also know how much activity messes with my blood sugars. You guys all get a big pat on the back because I know it has to be tough!

Shannon said...

Wait a minute....

Was this your wife's birthday and were you sleeping and watching sports on that day?

Please tell me it wasn't so..... :)

Jenn said...

Love these pics!! I cant believe how long her hair is. Does she like to wear prettys?? I cant wait until next Saturday for our next phone conversation... Miss her lots!!!!!!!!

Sandra Miller said...


What a joyful little girl you have there!

These snaps made me smile... Thanks :-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great pictures Chris! Thanks for sharing.

How can you help but to smile looking at those?!

MileMasterSarah said...

What a cutie-pie! Thank you for sharing!

Jamie said...

She's very sweet. Glad to hear those numbers are a bit better :)

Has the snow hit wpg yet? We're getting blasted right now - the wind certainly isn't helping. My kids think it's great! Oh, to be a kid again .... lol.

Carey said...

Sounds indeed like a perfect day. Thanks for sharing. I just saw your prior post. I also often talk to my wife about all of you. This forum has really helped me cope with this life of ours and that of our children.

Vivian said...

That was adorable. Thanks for sharing and Yea Miss Emma! Please tell your wife Happy Birthday from the crazy people in the computer. =)

Chris said...

Thanks everyone. I just did not want to deprive you much longer of Emma and how damn cute she is. Me and Denise just sit and stare at her during dinner with such gleaming smiles on our faces. We are so lucky to have you all in out lives right now.
As for the lantus vs NPH battle. We have decided to stick to NPH soley because of the day care thing. But we may start thinkning about fast acting if we see numbers get too high during the day. But for now NPH it is. So at least we are extremely educated by all of your experiences with different types and different methods of insulin. Ive said this before and i'll say it again ...YOU GUYS ROCK!

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

Hi Chris.

Yep agree with all the above. Emma is a lovley cute little girl. I hope you don't mind me saying but sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for such a yound child with such a c**p condition like diabetes. I know I shouldn't pity her etcc... but it makes me sad.

Although I am so happy with how well you guys are coping and I hope you carry on coping.

Lov vic

AmyT said...

Hi Chris, Hi Emma,
Welcome to the diabetes OC, you two. Have you found me yet over at

Love the photos! Keep 'em coming! No one else in the blogosphere's got cheeks like that :)