Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Better Than Ezra

I am not sure what i need to say right now. Emma has been doing awesome! Absolutely tremendous!

My little angel i do not think she knows anything else other than having diabetes. She has taught us so much.

She has taught us its no big deal to test your blood sugars 3 to 5 times a day. Its just a matter of choosing a place on her finger or toe and doing it. No biggie.
She has shown us that getting an insulin dose when your still in the honeymoon phase is as good and easy as getting her milk in the morning.
She knows enough to eat her planned amount of carbs each day. Its all about the French Toast in the morning. I do make awesome french toast btw.
What an amazing little girl.

It has been a super good week. Her highs and lows have been far and few between. And it is ironic that our (mine and mom's) emotional highs and lows have gone that way too.

Even though i have not posted in a week. I have been on here keeping up to date on everyone elses posts and reading some new ones. They are awesome. everyone in my link list we check out daily pretty much. It feels like they (you) are in a good sense an extention of our family. I am very grateful to be involved with such incredible people.

As for gettting involved, i have purchased some "Cure Diabetes" bracelets and will be proudly wearing. I guess that is a start. Especially that christmas is just around the corner. I cannot remember the last time i have been so excited for the Season in my life. Thanks for that too Emma.
Sorry for such a random and choppy post but i just wanted everyone to know how things have been going.

This was taken this past summer in my UPS truck. She like everyone else just loves the truck!


Kerri. said...

I remember an SNL News skit with Norm McDonald (who I loved) where he talked about Better Than Ezra.

"Today, at number one on the Billboard Charts: Better Than Ezra. At number two: Ezra."

Just thinking about it now makes me grin.

I'm glad little Emma is doing well and that you guys are, too. And I love her UPS truck picture. Very cute.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Carey said...

Amazing how high a parent can feel when their child has a good day/week. Congrats on the good numbers.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

* I don't think the sweet/sugar chemical craving will ever leave my body. (if only)

A UPS truck, so you're a courier?

CUTE CUTE pic, it's great Emma and you guys are doing well. Prick her toes? Can you do that?! See you've taught me something, I've never done that, will try toe later! :)

Bye xx

Chris said...

That is way too funny. I have never seen that skit. I can hear him say it too.
Made me laugh. Thanks for always dropping by and commenting, that is awesome. Thanks

Yes its the confirmation among other things that we need from time to time to help us through the "low" days. Your guy sounds amazing.

courier?....i prefer to use "parcologist" or "Service provider"..haha.
We dont do toes too much anymore but now with your mini that would work great. Listen to me i sound like a pro or something.

Jamie said...

Aw, she's adorable!

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I love the good days :D

Good for you for getting some of the bracelets. We wear ours all the time - warning - they do break after awhile, so buy back ups!

Jenn said...

Love that pic!! All the kids love your UPS truck. Jarret and Amy point out UPS trucks all the time and say its Uncle's truck. And I still look to see if its you out here.. lol. Glad things have been good with you guys.. I got a very nice surprise phone call on Saturday. It started with some deep breathing and I knew it was missy. Hope to get more of those!!

Penny said...

I'm so glad things are going well with Emma!

Chris said...

Thanks we did order quite a few. We have also donated alot of money to theJDRF the other day and will continute throughout the year.

That is toooo funny that they look for me in Toronto. You probably did too but quickly realized. HAHA.

Thanks for the Email the other day. That was awesome and we read it a few times.
Take care all.

Vivian said...

Miss Emma could not be any sweeter. May the good days continue. Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

Thanks Vivian!
"MIss Emma" thats what everyone who cares for her calls her. It sounded perfect on here.
Im super happy your doing good. And it is nice that you all embrace Thanksgiving like you do.
Take care

Shannon said...

It's great that Emma is doing so well and that mom and dad are following along just fine too :)

Isn't it funny how diabetes can make you appreciate a decent day?

Everyone else just goes through the day without even thinking about what their body does for them. But when diabetes strikes, it makes a person appreciate the little things so much more.

I guess we notice more of the little things because we have to focus on them so much which makes us so much more aware.

I'm babbling...so I'll stop!!