Saturday, October 14, 2006

Its Much Better

I cannot believe the amount of support we have gotten this past couple of weeks from our family friends and people who don't even know us. All I want to do is brag about these people. Some show it in different ways than others do.
I am honored to have these people in my life. And am thrilled that we have met others via the OC website.
This past week essentially was a 180 degree turn from our week before. I had a strong week at work and just in talking to people. I think mainly because I did not have to tell the our story to too many people this week. That in itself was a good thing for us to get on with this.
If you had asked me or if I had told you the story two weeks ago I would be telling it differently than I would be now.
Now it is more of a positive thing. Positive thoughts keeps snowballing into more positive thinking. Sheesh I sound like a self help book, but it is so true. And the more optimistic and encouraging people that post on here, call us, or we run into from day to day has increased as well. I love you guys!
As for Emma this week her numbers were all over the board and not necessarily in the range we needed her to be in. It is evident that her Honeymoon phase is still presently strong and that is definitely helping us and Emma take things a little less intensely as it would if she needed to mix insuilns and receive them more than once a day. With saying that we have lowered her dose of NPH (long lasting) insulin from 2 units to 1.5. So time will tell.
At the beginning of the week I couldn't give her the insulin without hurting her. Man did I feel like a heel. We try everything in our power for Emma not to hurt but the first thing I do when I get up is to frighten her and hurt her.
However since Thursday she has actually thanked me after I gave her her doses. Also I believe that she is so close to be testing her self soon it is scary. She is a extremely quick learner and is so resilient. She actually now will take the pen and try to test herself.
When was the first time you or you let your child test themselves? How did it feel? For them/for you? I am looking also for the code for the nav bar from the OC website. If anyone can give it to me it would be awesome if that is acceptable protocol. If not I will email for it again.
Oh yea one more thing. Emma finally got her bracelet. It is beautiful. I will post a pic of it her later but for now I have to go for a Tims Run. Large double double all the way!!


julia said...

I have the code. Email me at book _ ish at yahoo dot com. I'm happy to forward it. But email Tiffany again so she can add you to her list.

O was 6 or 7 before she started testing herself. She just never wanted to and I didn't push it.

Have you checked out yet? It's a fantastic site, loads of info, and there's a parent's support email list, which is busy, but has been very helpful to me over the years.

Jenn said...

I am so happy to hear these words out of your mouth. I was getting a bit worried about you and how hard this was for you. I know its not the end of the hardships of this disease but its a start right? I want to thank all of you who have been supporting my brother, Denise and Emma and you dont even know them!! I am so happy there is such a huge support system out there for them. I am not in the same city as them and its hard for me cause I dont "really" know whats going on or how to help them. So THANK YOU!!! I have been checking out your blogs to help myself understand this too.

Gramma said...

You all have turned an important corner in this. Keep your eyes on that little one. She is destined for great things. Look how she helped you two cope. There is a plan in this life for her. BRAVO to all of you.

Minnesota Nice said...
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Minnesota Nice said...

I am a big believer in momentum - positive thoughts definitely snowball on themselves (yeah, negative ones do too).
When I read that Emma thanked you after her doses I started crying, thinking what a dear precious jewel you have. (Also, your sis sounds pretty cool too BTW).
Have a great week ahead.

Kerri. said...

Positive thinking. I agree - it's one of the best snowball effects going. :)

Re: the honeymooning phase for Emma, I honeymooned for a very long time when I was diagnosed. I wasn't managing my diabetes at the time (thanks, Mom and Dad!) but I know the honeymoon made it easier to deal with meals but tricky with some sneaky low bloodsugars. And I think I was testing my own bloodsugar at the outset (age 6)but I had no clue what the numbers meant. I'll have to ask my mom when I started handling more of the navigations. I let you know what she says.

All the best to you guys this week. We're thinking about you!

-- Kerri.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

Thanks! Yeah rants make me feel better, it's healthy.

Glad you like reading my blog, I've added you to my links and I'm enjoying yours too.

Hope everything is well for you and the little one.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found you from the OC website. I have just added a link to your blog.

I have a close friend whose 4 year old was just diagnosed so I am going to point her mom to this blog so she can see that she is not alone.

Oh and keep up those positive thoughts!

Beefs and Bouquets said...

Good to hear things are looking positive. You guys are handling this awesome. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.

As well we'll have to come over sometimes soon and learn everything so maybe one year you can get out and relax a bit without worrying.