Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rodeo Clown College

We get the Riverview Reflector newsletter in the mail every month. We both actually look forward to it. Because we can see how snobby most of our neighborhood is. They really like to alienated the west side of Osborne unless it is a business that has a trendy flare to it or makes the people on the east side (Riverview) look better. That aside for now.
Home for lunch Tuesday, and Wifey usually comes home and we sort of have lunch together. I was reading the Reflector first when i was taking a poopitypooppoop. And came across this advertisement :
"Inch and Tumbles Clown School" "This is a ten week course...the entire cost $100.00 plus a $15.00 lab fee...Take this rare opportunity to learn the craft!!" Upon seeing this i quickly dismissed it and continued on my biness.
Denise then read it....She shouts out :"Ha...i know how we can make extra cash....Chris oh my god you would be great at this."
All i can think of was some poor sucker coming home at 10pm from a clown class with a failing grade and having to face his family and friends. So im like if.
Minutes go by i pop my head up and continue: " do you think we could have 100 bucks by February 17th?"
Denise: "Im sure we could but how much would your costume cost?"
We then both looked at each other and started laughing so frickin hard at the fact that we just had a serious conversation of my going to Fucking Clown College.
Then the elaboration started....
"ya ya ....tee hee..we can dress hansel and Emma up and they can be your sidekicks. "
"Do you think Auntie Janice could sew something ?"
"Im sure they make good money like 50 bucks on a Saturday morning. It would add up."
Oh man. Where do we go from there?
Getting strepped throat. Tired. Tendons are hurting again. Looking forward to the Moose game on Saturday. Gramma is baby sitting. Emma is taking lots of steps. Work is gettn' interesting. I like to drink. I miss sushi. I smoke pot sometimes. I like good music. I hate "safe" movies. Skating tomorrow nite. Emma has baby rhyme time. I like our country. I got a raise today. My car is gay. I have a car. I have an idea.
Thats it for now.


Jenn said...

For a split moment I was thinkg "what a great idea to make money.. and yes Chris would be good at it!" Pretty funny you guys.

Gramma of 5 said...

you smoke pot?

rubbing said...

silly just seeing who is paying attention.;)

Char said...

Your car is gay?

archibald twaddle said...

you know, after i read this, and reread your others, i think the money is in running a clown college not in enrolling in one.(and i truelly hope this post doesn't offend wifey or any of the in-laws).

Char said...

No offence taken
I think you're right, archibald twaddle. One now has to wonder, how does one start up and run a clown college anyway?

B_and_R said...
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Char said...

Who says we're interested?

rubbing said...

Reveal youself "b_and_r".