Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Show and Tell.

Over the weekend after Anna turned 1 (!!!!) we showed Emma her insulin pens. She was very interested and was enthralled hanging on our every word. So at the end of our talk/demonstration she decided it would be best if she would bring the pens to daycare for 'show and tell'.
Of course we let her (they are not in use and have no insulin in them or anyting BTW).
As much as it broke our hearts it really demonstrated on how Emma is and will be accepting Diabetes in her life. We have always put it out there as not being - bad blood sugars - bad numbers - we hate giving needles - etc.
We have ALWAYS empowered her. Since day one she has been in control of it. As much as there are times where we want to give her ultimatums to get insulin, get tested when she puts up a 'stink' . We will never take toys away, send her to her room, say she cannot do anything. this may sound like a no brainer but i have heard storey's and you can tell who does such things to their wee ones.
First thing this morning even before her chocolate milk she made me put her pens on the counter so she would not forget them. Who knows if she really knows whats going on but who knows maybe she knows more than we actually think she knows.
She sure is special!


George said...

This is so cool. I love your approach and they way you empower her over her disease. That is awesome! Emma is awesome. :)

Chris said...

thanks George! Emma has taught me mucho paitence this pas couple of years. Almost theraputically.
It cute though if i go in to JUST cover her up late at night and she hears me come in to her room, she immediately puts out her finger so i can test. GULP:(
Yes she is awesome i aggree with you on that!
Thanks for dropping by .

Penny said...

Nice to hear from you again, Chris.

I've always known Emma was awesome. It's strange, as the parents when they do things like that we're proud and sad all at the same time.

And, happy 1st birthday to Anna!

Chris said...

Thanks Penny. I just read this blog to Emma. That was the first time i have ever done that. It was kind of surreal. She then wanted to know who you guys were and wanted to see other people with diabetes and she wanted them to know that she has diabetes too.
So i took her over to your place, georges, and kerri's (to start).
She smiled when she saw riley but noticed not bracelet. Whats up?

Anonymous said...